Securing your on-line doors and windows

Most homes and businesses have physical security controls including strong locks on doors and windows, a security alarm and CCTV that will deter a thief from attempting to break-in, make a robbery attempt fail or subsequent arrest inevitable. In the UK if a criminal is caught committing a robbery the sentence is from 12 months to life depending on the circumstances.

Theft of customer information, personal details and trade secrets are just three of the key areas in which cyber-crime is increasing, and in many cases, the crime will go unnoticed until the information is used to commit a real-world crime. […]

Information Security

Is it Security Awareness or Training

Earlier today someone suggested that security awareness training should be delivered in a similar manner to the green cross code as the desired outcome for both activities is the same.

As a child I was a proud member of the tufty club, which taught kids from the 1960’s and early 1970’s the dangers of playing near and crossing roads. In the mid 70’s the first version of the Green Cross code was published consisting of a step by step procedure to assist pedestrians cross the road safely. Rather than squirrel and other woodland creatures the code had a superhero called the Green Cross Code man who appeared in adverts from 1975 until until 1990. […]

Top 3 Cyber Security Defenses

In recent months it has been hard to avoid hearing the latest business buzz phrase of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, despite searches of popular retail sites, fully functional sonic screw drivers, as used by Doctor Who to defeat the cybermen, are not yet available. However, three key weapons that are available for cybersecurity are:

  • Information Security: Ensures that Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are appropriately addressed;
  • Application Security: Provides assurance that the systems and applications are not vulnerable; and
  • End-User Education: Potentially the most powerful weapon to prevent an attack taking hold and causing damage.