Securing your on-line doors and windows

Most homes and businesses have physical security controls including strong locks on doors and windows, a security alarm and CCTV that will deter a thief from attempting to break-in, make a robbery attempt fail or subsequent arrest inevitable. In the UK if a criminal is caught committing a robbery the sentence is from 12 months to life depending on the circumstances.

Theft of customer information, personal details and trade secrets are just three of the key areas in which cyber-crime is increasing, and in many cases, the crime will go unnoticed until the information is used to commit a real-world crime. […]

Evaluating the potential cost of a cyber-attack

Organisations are becoming much more aware of the threat of cyber crime, but many are still finding it difficult to translate this threat into real business terms.  The potential impact of a successful cyber-attack on your business’s bottom line is not that easy to define, because attacks could range from a “drive-by” denial of service attack through to the targeted theft of intellectual property.  […]