March 2017 – How much do you know about GDPR?

It’s been years in the making but the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has finally been agreed. It’s a term you’ll see regularly in the run up to May 2018 when the regulation comes into effect. […]

Information Security

Amazon cloud contract terms meet EU standards on data transfers

Certain contract terms used by cloud provider Amazon Web Services have been deemed by the Luxembourg DPA to be a safe way of effecting international data transfers. The decision of the National Commission for Data Protection in Luxembourg (on behalf of the Article 29 Working Party) follows a similar endorsement given to Microsoft last year. Read more about Amazon cloud contract terms meet EU standards on data transfers[…]

Information Security

Data Protection, one for all and all for one

The proposed Data Protection Regulation has stirred up controversy because of the implications for businesses and an increase in potential fines. An updated law that takes the increasing challenges of data security into account is long overdue but will the potential benefits of the new Regulation outweigh the perceived burdens? […]