March 2017 – How much do you know about GDPR?

It’s been years in the making but the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has finally been agreed. It’s a term you’ll see regularly in the run up to May 2018 when the regulation comes into effect. […]

UK courts can now impose unlimited #DPA fines

Magistrates’ courts are no longer limited to £5,000 fines for criminal offences under the DPA following the entry into force of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (Fines on Summary Conviction) Regulations 2015 on 12th March 2015. The Regulations allow for an unlimited fine where individuals are convicted under section 55 Read more about UK courts can now impose unlimited #DPA fines[…]

Information Security

ICO tells UK businesses to sort out data protection right now

The ICO has told UK businesses to sort out data protection right now, even though the new European Data Protection is only scheduled to come into force by 2017 at the earliest.

“There is a lot going on in data protection that UK firms should be aware of besides the new EU data protection rules,” deputy information commissioner David Smith told a Westminster eForum in London. […]

Securing your on-line doors and windows

Most homes and businesses have physical security controls including strong locks on doors and windows, a security alarm and CCTV that will deter a thief from attempting to break-in, make a robbery attempt fail or subsequent arrest inevitable. In the UK if a criminal is caught committing a robbery the sentence is from 12 months to life depending on the circumstances.

Theft of customer information, personal details and trade secrets are just three of the key areas in which cyber-crime is increasing, and in many cases, the crime will go unnoticed until the information is used to commit a real-world crime. […]

Information Security

Data Protection, one for all and all for one

The proposed Data Protection Regulation has stirred up controversy because of the implications for businesses and an increase in potential fines. An updated law that takes the increasing challenges of data security into account is long overdue but will the potential benefits of the new Regulation outweigh the perceived burdens? […]