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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been selected as a Finalist in the Security Company of the Year category at the Computing Security Awards 2016! The winner will be decided by public vote so please visit Computing Security Awards and cast your vote for us now! Voting closes 5th October 2016.

May 2016 – Banking On Information Security

In February 2016, hackers hit the headlines again as news broke of a cyber attack on Bangladesh’s central bank. Specially crafted malware was used to hack into Bangladesh Bank’s SWIFT software, allowing the hackers to transfer $81 million from Bangladesh’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York into accounts held at other banks, reportedly in the Philippines.

April 2016 – Is Security for IT & Industrial Control Systems Different?

When we think of IT systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) we tend to think that there is a vast difference in the way they are secured and managed but in reality there is little difference in the approach needed to secure the two separate system types.


March 2016 – Ransomware – The Evolving Threat

Cyber-extortion and blackmail are not new, but cyber-criminals have just about perfected their techniques of extracting money from the masses through the use of ransomware.

Businesses rely on data stored on their PCs, mobile devices and the cloud more and more each day – not necessarily important enough to make sure it is backed up reliably, but certainly enough to panic when criminals encrypt their data and then offer a decryption key at a price. […]