December 2016 – A Look Back at 2016

Cyber security has been in the spotlight once again in 2016 so as the year draws to a close we take a look back at our past stories and wonder, have lessons been learned and will security be a priority in 2017?

January – Ukraine Power – Cyber Attack
In December 2015 Ukraine suffered what is believed to be the first successful cyber-attack on an electricity distribution network cutting the power at 17 substations and leaving 225,000 people without power for several hours. We review the events leading up to and during the attack and what additional security controls could have been considered…Read More

February – Security Awareness Training – A good investment?
With so many potential demands on a limited Information Security budget, is Security Awareness training a good investment?  It’s something that has been debated in companies for years and will be for years to come…Read More

March – Ransomware – The Evolving Threat
Cyber-extortion and blackmail are not new, but cyber-criminals have just about perfected their techniques of extracting money from the masses through the use of ransomware…Read More

April – Is security for IT & Industrial Control Systems different?
When we think of IT systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) we tend to think that there is a vast difference in the way they are secured and managed but in reality there is little difference in the approach needed to secure the two separate system types…Read More

May – Banking on Information Security
In February 2016, hackers hit the headlines again as news broke of a cyber attack on Bangladesh’s central bank. Specially crafted malware was used to hack into Bangladesh Bank’s SWIFT software, allowing the hackers to transfer $81 million from Bangladesh’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York into accounts held at other banks, reportedly in the Philippines…Read More

June – Passwords – Don’t be the Weak Link
The 2012 LinkedIn hack has been back in the news again recently after it was identified that the exposure of credentials leaked has increased from the previously reported 6.5million records to a substantial 117 million records. With a network of 433 million accounts this equates to 27% having been compromised. Needless to say if you haven’t yet changed your details it’s important to do so. ..Read More

July – Data Leakage, This Time it’s Personal
Almost daily the media shares stories of confidential information being disposed of in park bins, laptops being found in taxis and passwords being published on the internet. While this is undoubtedly concerning, it is often the data loss resulting from employee behaviour that poses a much more extensive threat…Read More

August – Advanced Persistent Threats
The term ‘APT’ usually refers to a group, such as a foreign government, with both the capability and the intent to persistently and effectively target a specific entity. It is commonly used to refer to cyber threats, in particular that of Internet-enabled espionage using a variety of intelligence gathering techniques to access sensitive information…Read More

September – Security Investment Increased!  …by the hackers
The much publicised fight against cyber-crime continues but despite businesses and individuals putting up defences, the cyber criminals appear to be winning the battle for the upper hand. It’s been reported that criminal groups are advancing their technical capabilities far quicker than companies can defend and respond. The reason for this? Investment. And lots of it…Read More

October – Social Media #Friend or #Foe?
Love it or hate it, social networking has firmly embedded itself into the fabric of our world. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be powerful business tools, especially for marketing, communication and recruitment purposes. But there is also the less appealing nature of the beast…Read More

November – Christmas ‘Presence’ – The Threat Within
Christmas can be an expensive time of the year and with an uncertain financial climate a lot of people are feeling the pinch. This presents a security threat to companies as people who are struggling to make ends meet may be tempted to consider illicit ways to get extra money…Read More