Cyber essentials certification

Cyber Essentials Certification

The UK Government introduced the Cyber Essentials in 2014 building on from the 10 steps to cyber security. The scheme is to offer organizations of all sizes the chance to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security. The Cyber Essentials scheme has been developed as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security programme in conjunction with industry. Organizations can achieve Cyber Essentials certification by applying through a certification body.

As an IASME-accredited Cyber Essentials certification body, we can provide you with the support and expertise you need. Our cyber security consultants can work with you to make sure you protect your business and achieve Cyber Essentials certification.  Completing the Cyber Essentials certification through us also means you could be eligible for free Cyber Insurance cover. Insurance group AIG are offering insurance cover for up to £25,000.

Win Government Contracts

As of the October 2014 the government introduced stricter cyber security guidelines as to who can work on their contracts. One of the criterion states that the organization completing the work has to hold a cyber essentials certification.

Enhanced Cyber Security

One in 4 businesses reported a cyber attack in the last 12 months. By achieving a Cyber Essentials certification you’ve successfully demonstrated that you help defend yourself against a cyber attack. Experts report that 80% of cyber attacks can be prevented by introducing the controls within Cyber Essentials.

Increased Credibility

Recently, Cyber Essentials has been considered a widely recognised government cyber security standard. Because of this, organisations that hold Cyber Essentials certification demonstrate that they take the protection of client’s personal data seriously.

Our Cyber Essentials Services

If you need more detailed assistance to help you complete the Cyber Essentials self-assessment, our Assisted Assessment approach consists of 5 steps designed to make it as effortless as possible for you to achieve Cyber Essentials certification:

  1. We meet with you, either in person or over video-conference, to complete a detailed Cyber Essentials assessment. We highlight the gaps you need to address to be compliant with the scheme.
  2. After, we will provide clear practical recommendations on the most appropriate ways to address these gaps.
  3. Once you have addressed the gaps, our certification team verifies your completed assessment.
  4. If you pass, we will issue you your Cyber Essentials certificate.

Do you have the in-house resource and skills available to collect the information required for self-assessment? If so, you can sign up and pay for the online self assessment via our web store.  Once we have received your payment, we will provide you with an on-line assessment account. Here you can complete the on-line self-assessment questionnaire. Our certification team will verify your responses, ask for further supporting details if required and then issue you with your Cyber Essentials certificate if you pass.

Preparation Pack

Our free Cyber Essentials preparation pack is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to apply for certification. Use the button below to download the pack.

Once you have achieved Cyber Essentials certification, you may require an upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus. We can also make this as effortless as possible by:

  1. Performing a security vulnerability test on your key systems, as per the CESG Cyber Essentials Plus common test specification.
  2. Providing you with a report of our findings highlighting any major scheme non-compliances that you need to address. We also provide you with targeted recommendations to help you address these issues.
  3. Once the major non-compliances have been addressed to the level required for certification, we will issue you with your Cyber Essentials Plus certificate.

Not sure which solution you need? Speak to a consultant who'd be happy to help!

Cyber Essentials Pricing

Assisted Self Assessment 

Expert advice from our dedicated Cyber Essentials team

Right-sized compliance solutions to meet the requirements

Support to answer all self-assessment questions

Guaranteed certification*

£995.00 + VAT

Online Self Assessment 

On-line payment by Card or Bank Transfer

Hassle-free assessment submission

2 working-day assessment turnaround time

Electronic compliance report and certificate

£300.00 + VAT

Cyber Essentials Plus

Third-party assurances that cyber security controls are operating effectively

Meet security requirements of advanced customer contracts

Remote and on-site assessment

Includes assessment report & certificate

£1495.00* + VAT

Combined Assisted And Plus

Third-party assurances that cyber security controls are operating effectively

Meet security requirements of advanced customer contracts

Remote and on-site assessment

Includes assessment report & certificate

£1495.00* + VAT

* Subject to adherence to our advice.

*Up to 50 employees and 4 externally facing IP addresses. If you have more than this, contact us for a bespoke quote.